Yesterday Microsoft has released first cumulative update KB3081424 for Windows 10 users and insiders, some users stuck in a reboot loop while Windows Update tries to install the update, if you’re having the issue try the below workarounds to install it successfully on your computer.

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Fix KB3081424 Update fails to install on Windows 10

I . Try to manually install the update by downloading from the below links

KB3081424 x86

KB3081424 x64

II.  If you can’t install it still, then try the below registry method at your own risk, this has worked for some.

1. Navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

2. Right click on the Profilelist key and select ‘Export’, give it a name and ‘Save’.

4. Now under that key, you’ll see a list of profiles like S 1-5-18, S-1-5-19, S-1-5-20, and more with longer names (check the screenshot below).

ProfileList registry key

5 .Check each one carefully, if any ‘ProfileImagePath’ no longer exists on your computer,  delete that profile key on the left. Like that, you many need delete to all non-existent profile keys.

6. If anything goes wrong, double click on the registry backup file we’ve created before to restore.

7. Exit from the registry editor, now visit Windows Update and check for updates, hope this time KB3081424 will be installed without any issues.

UPDATEMicrosoft readies KB3081440 to Fix Windows 10 Update KB3081424 Install Issues