After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, when you try to open incognito mode by using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N, nothing happens, and the ‘New incognito window’ option also doesn’t exist in the Chrome menu. What happened? We’ll tell you below.

If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you your account is part of Microsoft Family and it could be a child account in Windows 8.1. With the upgrade, the same Chrome app with your account has been carried into to Windows 10.

No Incognito Mode option for Chrome in Windows 10

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Fix Incognito Mode not opening in Google Chrome on Windows 10

FYI, Incognito Mode for Chrome and InPrivate browsing for Edge are not available for Microsoft Family users, they’ll be removed from these browsers for you.

To access the incognito mode or to open inprivate window for edge,  you need to remove the child account from the family, here is how you can do that

Sign out of the affected account. Sign into the system with administrator account who has set up the family safety, and visit website in browser and remove the ‘child’ account that was causing the trouble.

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AVG Family Safety

Is that’s the case with you? Has that fixed the issue?