Microsoft has released new Windows 10 build 10525 to insiders on the fast ring, Chrome 64-bit users who’ve installed this build have experienced crashes and seen aw snap error with message: ‘something went wrong while displaying the webpage. Closing the apps and tabs that you don’t need may help by making more memory available’.

Seems Chrome 32-bit is working fine. If you’re affected, there is a workaround to make Chrome 64-bit work in build 10525 until either Microsoft or Google fixes this. It comes with a sacrifice of sandbox security feature or install & use 32-bit Chrome.

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Fix Chrome crashes in Windows 10 build 10525

  1. Right click on the Chrome shortcut on the desktop

2. Select ‘Properties’, in ‘Target’ field add the below command by giving a space after Chrome.exe


It should like this:

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --no-sandbox

A bug has been already reported to Google, follow this.