Firefox 40 to be officially released today, Mozilla has done the work for Windows 10, though it has criticized Microsoft which made the default browser choice difficult. When you try to set Mozilla browser as default on Microsoft’s new Windows operating system, you’ll now be taken to the ‘Default Apps’ page in ‘Settings’ to choose and set Firefox as default.

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Firefox + Windows 10. Perfect together

When you install Firefox 40 or upgrade to it from a previous version on Windows 10, you’ll be shown a special page saying this:

Firefox + Windows 10. Perfect together.

We’ve designed Firefox to work seamlessly with your Windows 10 update, giving you the same great browsing experience you’ve come to love, with the privacy, speed and choice you’ve come to expect.”

And the page lists the easy steps and offers an image on the left to make the browser as default.

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Firefox Windows 10 welcome page
Make Firefox your default in 3 easy steps:

1.  Click the button below

2. Scroll down to “Web browser”

3. Choose Firefox

At the time of writing this article, unfortunately clicking the ‘Let’s do it’ shows the familiar go to Default Apps prompt, Mozilla has got this wrong, hope they’ll fix it when they officially announce it later today.

Firefox to use default Search engine to open Windows 10 Web Searches

Firefox Windows 10 welcome page when visited on other browsers like Chrome, it shows Privacy, Speed and Choice images in place of default browser steps.