Turn off the suggested Sites feature on New Tab Page in Firefox 40. After installing or updating to Firefox 40 on your computer, when you open a new tab, you’ll be notified with ‘New Tab got an update’ screen’.

Yes! Mozilla here letting you know about suggested tiles they’re going to show you from your browsing history on their New Tab Page. Do note, Sponsored sites shown on tiles are clearly labeled with ‘Sponsored’ word on new tab.

Suggested site  example new tab page

Disable Suggested tiles on the New Tab Page in Firefox 40

If you don’t want to see sites suggested by Mozilla on new tab page, here is how you can disable or turn them off.

1. While you’re on the new tab page, click on the ‘Gear’ icon and uncheck ‘include suggested sites’ in the new tab controls menu. Or you can also select ‘blank page’.

Firefox 40 new tab controls menu

You can also opt-out of suggested tile ads targeted you by turning on Do Not Track in Firefox browser.

Do you think this feature annoys or upsets loyal users of Firefox?