Prevent Twitter from autoplaying the videos in your timeline. Across website and in your timeline, native videos, GIFs and vines will autoplay (though volume is muted by default, you’ll still find them quite annoying. The audio for video will only be played when you click on it).

This feature has been been launched a month back, and turned on by default for ‘Video tweets’ for all users, if you’ve found them intrusive, here is how you can stop their autoplay.

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Disable or Stop Videos Autoplay on Twitter website

1. Once you’re signed into the service, click on your Profile icon, select ‘Settings’

2. Scroll down a bit and under the ‘Content’, uncheck the ‘Video autoplay’ for ‘Video Tweets’.

Video Autoplay setting Twitter

3. Click on ‘Save changes’ button, you’ll be prompted to enter your password to save changes to your account, type the password and click ‘Save Changes’ again.

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Otherside story

The main reason for Twitter to implement video autoplay is not to improve the seamless video experience for users, but to improve their revenue through the autoplay of video ads. Hope you’ve got the point or Twitter’s main aim behind this by now.