Remove Flash from Microsoft Edge browser. If you’ve not installed Flash Player for Firefox browser which not only slows down the browsing and consumes lot of system resources, but it is also famous for vulnerabilities, flash is a memory-hog, unsafe, so stop updating it, instead go and uninstall it.

Chrome includes flash and auto-updates whenever new version or security update is available. You can disable it by visiting about:plugins page.

Microsoft has integrated Flash Player with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, here is how you can disable it.

Testing Flash Player in the Edge browser

1. Visit this page in the browser, you’ll know Flash is enabled and version information of it.

2. After the confirmation, when you open Task Manager, you can notice ‘Adobe Flash Player utility’ is running under ‘Background Processes’, this process was triggered by your visit to the Flash content page.

SEE: How to Stop background apps in Windows 10 from running

Disabling Flash Player in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

1. Click on More actions > Settings > View Advanced Settings

2. Under ‘Use Adobe Flash Player’, toggle button to disable the Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player setting in Edge browser