Turn off Search Suggestions in Address bar in Firefox. Till now Firefox offers Search suggestions in Search bar, recently Mozilla has started showing search suggestions in the address bar on Nightly also by default, the preference ‘Related Searches from the default the search engine’ controls this feature, there is an option available in the about:cofig as well for this.

Search suggestions location bar

Firefox’s Search Suggestions feature in the URL bar is now optional

Seems after criticism, Mozilla has changed the mind and now made a display of Search Suggestions feature in location bar optional, but the user will be prompted with a message underneath the address bar while typing: ‘would you like to improve your search experience with suggestions‘.

Firefox asks to enable search  suggestions in the address bar

You need to click either ‘Yes’ or ‘Not’, if not, you’ be nagged throughout and after the session with that message unless or until you set ‘browser.urlbar.userMadeSearchSuggestionsChoice‘ to ‘true‘.

If  you click ‘Yes’, Search suggestions from Search engine will be fetched and shown in real-time when you type, and you can notice ‘Related searches from the default search engine‘ option in the location bar in Privacy enabled as a result of this.

If you click ‘NO’, the feature will be disabled and so the option in the location bar option as a result of this.

Disable Search Suggestion in Firefox address bar

In future, if Mozilla forces this on you, you can easily turn it off  by

Unchecking ‘Related searches from the default search engine’ in Location bar of Privacy in Options


Visit about:config and change ‘browser.urlbar.suggest.searches’ preference value to ‘false’.

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