Chrome shows your internet connection is being controlled  warning if you’ve installed a proxy extension. If you’re using a Proxy extension in the Chrome browser, you’ll get a warning like this: Your internet connection is being controlled the extension ….  has taken control of your proxy settings, which means it can change, break or eavesdrop on anything you do online, if you aren’t sure why this change happened, you probably don’t want it”.

Chrome warning your internet connection being controlled

Chrome’s Your Internet connection is being controlled warning

If the extension is installed without your knowledge then you may want to click ‘Restore Settings’ and remove the extension.

If you’ve installed the extension intentionally and is a trust-worthy and malware/ adware-free, then click on ‘Keep changes’. You can anytime uninstall the extension by visiting Chrome://extensions page.

This is chrome’s normal behavior, don’t get alarmed by these warnings.