Is Adobe Flash is draining your laptop battery in Google Chrome browser? That may not happen from the next month as Google has taken a decision to pause non-necessary flash ads on websites in Chrome browser by default from September 1st onwards.

Flash plugin content which was paused or suspended can be run by users by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Run this plugin’, hope you don’t get the need for that.

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Chrome by default to run only important flash content

Starting from next September, Chrome will have ‘Detect and run important plugin content’ enabled by default for ‘Plugins’, previously it was set to ‘Run all plugin content’.

To confirm your browser has which setting enabled,

1. Click on Chrome Menu and select Settings, lick on ‘Show Advanced Settings’

2. Privacy > Content Settings > Plugins.

Chrome with detect and run important plugin contet recommended setting enabled automatically

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FYI, current Chrome beta, dev and Canary channels have already this setting turned on by default, Google might enable on a stable release version with an update or possibly it could be done with Chrome 45 release. You’ll know this in a couple of days.

What’s your take on this change?