7-Zip now lets you extract RAR5 archives also. RARlabs has introduced RAR 5.0 format with WinRAR 5.0, till now you can able to create and extract RAR5 archives created with WinRAR through the RARlabs program only. But the good news is free and open-source 7-Zip with the 15.06 beta release has added support for the program to extract RAR5 archives.

Download 7-Zip with RAR5 support

Both RAR and RAR5 archives looks same to the naked eye in Windows, you can identify and confirm a RAR archive file as RAR5 by opening its properties and selecting ‘Archive’, which shows what type of archive it is.

7-Zip offers extract option for a RAR5 archive

What’s new in 7-Zip 15.06 Beta

  • 7-Zip now can extract RAR5 archives.
  • 7-Zip now doesn’t sort files by type while adding to solid 7z archive.
  • new -mqs switch to sort files by type while adding to solid 7z archive.
  • The BUG in 7-Zip File Manager was fixed:
  • The “Move” operation to open 7z archive didn’t delete empty files.
  • The BUG in 15.05 was fixed:
  • console version added some text to the end of stdout stream, is -so switch was used.
  • The BUG in 9.30 – 15.05 was fixed:
  • 7-Zip could not open multivolume sfx RAR archive.
  • Some bugs were fixed.

Download 7-Zip 15.0.6 beta

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