After Technical Preview 4 version, another snapshot has been released by Vivaldi Technologies for Vivaldi and is available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Till now there is no way to clear Vivaldi browsing data from within the browser itself and to manage installed extensions you need to manually visit vivaldi://extensions page, which no longer required, new Vivaldi snapshot has added ‘Clear Private data’ and Extension manager options to Tools Menu.

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What’s new in Vivaldi

How to clear or delete Vivaldi’s browsing data

Click V menu > Tools > ‘Clear Private Data’ or you can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Del on Windows.

Clear browsing data dialog pops up (which you regularly see in Chrome and new Opera) where Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site and plugin data, and Cached image and files pre-checked by default. And passwords, Autofill form data, Hosted app data and Content licenses are unchecked.

Vivaldi Clear browsing data  dialog

Check or uncheck the items, and click ‘Clear browsing data’ done.

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You can now visit vivaldi://extensions page by selecting ‘Show Extensions’ in Tools Menu of Vivaldi Menu

Another interesting feature this build has got is it lets you use the browser without UI( chromeless UI), press Ctrl+F11 to see it in action.

Note: Don’t forget to leave this mode when you close the browser, because once you open without doing that,  you’ll see UI less Vivaldi browser again.

Download Vivaldi