Prevent or stop Windows Store from installing apps automatically in Windows 10. Windows Store offers a lot of apps, out of them how many you’ve installed in Windows 10 is the question, if very few or none is your answer to the question and if you don’t know Store app updates will be installed automatically. To prevent that, follow the steps mentioned below.

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For instance, consider if you’ve installed Word Preview from Store in the past, you’ve uninstalled it since it’s now out of preview and requires office 365 subscription to edit documents. 

But Windows 10 Store app auto downloads the Word Mobile app and installs it, this could’ve been avoided if you’ve turned off updates for Store Apps.

Disable Automatic Updates for Store Apps in Windows 10 

1. Sign into your Microsoft Account, open the Store app by clicking on its icon on the taskbar, click on your face, select Settings

2. Under ‘App updates’, toggle Update apps automatically to ‘off’ .

Windows 10 store App updates setting

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