Add additional GB to your BSNL Broadband plan easily. BSNL in India offers unlimited broadband plans, some of these plans after certain data limit i.e Fair usage Policy gives you low speed throughout the month. You need to wait for the next month to get higher speed as per your plan, which no longer the case these days.

UPDATE January 6, 2018: BSNL has redesigned the Broadband Top Up page in 2018 and now allows to Top up your speed according to your needs.

Now if you visit page, you’ll no longer see previous ‘BSNL is retaining your Pre-FUP speed free of cost this month’ message, you’ll see Top Up data charges and extra usage offered page.

UPDATE: BSNL is currently offering Pre-FUP Speed of the month for free to its broadband users, so you may not need to do the top up now.

And when your Pre-FUP speed is over, BSNL automatically restores it or opens the FUP top up page in the default browser, and asks you to click on ‘Happy Browsing’ button to continue browsing with higher speed through out the month.

UPDATE1: Except for BSNL’s official fuptopup page, links mentioned below seems working.

UPDATE2: BSNL Broadband FUP Topup page is now working.

Top Up BSNL broadband after FUP

BSNL now lets you top-up your broadband on demand to increase speed whenever you feel necessary. When you exceed FUP, a page will open automatically in default web browser on your computer and lets you add additional data in GB (check the screenshot below) — bookmark that page, so you can restore speed on demand whenever needed — you’ll be billed for that in the next month.


BSNL Alerts Broadband Users about Usage Limit through SMS and Suggests to go for a Top-Up

BSNL charges reasonably for Top up, for instance, for adding 2 GB, you’ve to pay Rs. 50,  for 5 GB- Rs. 100, 10 GB – Rs. 150, 20 GB- Rs 250 (check the below screenshot) (Update: these are revised top up charges applicable w.e.f April, 17, 2017).

If you don’t want to upgrade, click on ‘Decline’ button which lets you use broadband at reduced speed till the beginning of next month.

You need to restart your modem: just unplug the modem or router power cable and wait for 30 seconds, connect it back again. Update: You may no longer need to restart your modem, restarting your browser would be enough.

We’re giving some links for you try out below. This is important: Before adding bytes, ensure the page is showing your system IP address.

BSNL Broadband Speedtest Websites for four zones Launched in India

BSNL broadband Top up links for cities in India

UPDATE June 7, 2016: Check the below links (these are not region specific)

Note: These links are region specific, may not work for you. Try them depending on your location or city. -for Kolkata and Assam – for Kerala – for Bangalore – for Chennai


BSNL Broadband news UPDATE: BSNL Broadband Post FUP Speed is 1 Mbps Now.

BSNL Slashes Broadband Top Up Charges