Ok, since October 1st –when Windows Technical Preview began –till July 29th, you don’t have Windows 10 available, that’s why you’ve joined the Windows insider program and tested new builds and features in the slow or fast ring.

Now Windows 7 or 8.1 users can upgrade freely to Windows 10 by availing the offer, if you’re already upgraded and being an insider, will you leave the program now? If you want, here is how you can do that.

Stop Insider builds option in Settings Windows 10 Preview build

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How to leave the Windows Insider Program

1. When you’re on 10240 build, (use ‘winver’ command to confirm that)

2. Open Settings > Windows Update > Advanced Options > click ‘Stop Insider Builds’, you  need to confirm it once again.

insider builds confirm prompt

You can join the program any time you want. Will you continue as an insider or leave the program?