Vivaldi browser aimed at old Opera fans is still in Technical Preview and its beta version  soon to be released. If you’re using Vivaldi as your main or default browser, file  downloads initiated by user will be taken over by built-in download manager in it.

If you’re already using Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download files from other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers, you should know, you can integrate IDM into Vivaldi manually though their company hasn’t officially added support for Vivaldi browser, here is how.

integrating Vivaldi browser into Vivaldi

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Integrating IDM into Vivaldi browser

1. Ensure you’ve the latest version of Vivaldi (at the time of writing v1.0.212 is the newest snapshot available) and IDM on your computer.

2. Open IDM interface by double clicking on its tray icon or you can right click on the same icon and select ‘Restore’.

3. Downloads> Options, here in ‘General’ tab,  you can notice Vivaldi is not listed.

4. Make sure ‘Advanced Browser Integration’ is checked and click ‘Add browser’

5. Click ‘OK,’ Locate Vivaldi browser executable path by navigating and select it, here is its installed path on Windows:


locate the browser dialog

Note: AppData folder is hidden by default, make Windows to show hidden files and folders to select it.

6. Once done, Vivaldi will be added to IDM browsers list, restart your browser.

7. Now try to download any file in the browser, it will be picked up by IDM.

Note: This is important, ensure IDM Integration module extension is enabled in vivaldi://chrome/extensions page.


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