Can’t find Internet Explorer in Windows 10? Here is how to open it from the Start menu or by using taskbar search. Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, worry not! Microsoft has not removed Internet Explorer 11 from their new Operating System. But you’ll find a bit difficult to locate its icon as you can’t see it in the taskbar or in the Start menu. Here is how you can open Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

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Ways to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

1. If you’ve not hidden the Search box on the taskbar, type ie or internet Explorer, right click on it and pin to taskbar.

finding IE in Windows 10 through Search

2. Click on Start > All Apps, you can find Internet Explorer under ‘Windows Accessories’.

3. Open the Run command and type iexplore.exe to launch it.

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4. Create a desktop shortcut: Navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer’, create a desktop shortcut for IE by right clicking on iexplore.