Google Drive now offering a plugin for Microsoft Office. If you already use Microsoft Office (version 2007 or 2010 or 2013) or Office 365 on your computer, then ‘Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office’ makes it easy to edit Office files Stored in Google Drive.

The Drive plug-in lets you open and edit Google drive files in Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint (without leaving the Office application) and lets you save the changes back to drive once done.

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Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office

After installing the plug-in, Google Drive menu will be added to Office ribbon (check the screenshot below). A Google Drive submenu will also be added to the Office File menu which lets you access the same drive options available in the office ribbon.

Google Drive menu  in Office ribbon

You can save a document you’re working on in an Office application directly to Drive by clicking on ‘Save to Drive’ button.

Save to Google Drive from within Office

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Google Drive Plug-in Settings, which you can open from the Office ribbon in the Drive menu lets you ‘sign out of your Drive account’ and offers a drop down menu to show ‘Microsoft Office and Google Docs files’, ‘Microsoft Office files only’ and ‘All files’. An option is also offered to send crash report and user statistics to Google.

Google Drive plug-in Settings


  • Google account
  • Google Drive Service enabled
  • Google Drive Apps enabled
  • Microsoft® .NET 4.0 Framework
  • Update for the .NET Framework 4
  • Microsoft Office 2007®, 2010® (32 and 64 bit), or 2013® (32 and 64 bit)
  • Internet Explorer 9® or higher
  • Windows® 7+ or higher

Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office supports Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2007, 2010 and 2013 versions). You can uninstall the Drive plug-in by visiting Control Panel not Google Chrome.

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For more information, check this page.

Though the uploading of edited file from Office to Drive experience is not seamless, we expect Google to improve the plug-in in the future.

Download Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office | 1MB