In the Windows 10 build 10158, Advanced Options in Settings app instead of showing which ring you’re on shows the following message under ‘Get Insider builds’: Your Microsoft account requires attention to get insider builds‘ and offers ‘Fix me’, which on clicking tells you to ‘check the insider Hub for alerts or browse the answers forums’ and provides this error code: 0x80072EE7. This is what I’ve done to fix this.

Microsoft account requires attention to get insider builds message

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Fix ‘Your Microsoft Account requires attention to get insider builds’ message

1. Open Start menu, click on your username and select ‘Change account Settings’

2. In the Accounts window, select ‘Sign in with a local account instead’

Insider builds sorry something went wrong 0x80072EE7

3. Enter your password and follow the instructions on the screen, this signs you out of Microsoft Account (MSA) and logins you into Windows 10 with your local account.

3. Now try to sign into the device using MSA from the Accounts window, follow the instructions and restart your computer.

sign in with  a Microsoft account prompt

4.  After restart, the error disappears and Advanced Options window displays which ring you’re on.

The summary to get the error message away is switch to local account from Microsoft Account and then sign into MSA again on your computer.