Try this if Windows Update doesn’t pick up Windows 10 Preview builds for you. Windows Update to the fast ring insiders says your device is up-to-date on 10130 build, but it doesn’t show or detect 10158 or 10159 or 10162 build (just released), you can fix this by resetting your flight registry settings, here is how.

Fix Windows Update doesn’t show/find preview build 10158 or 10159 or 10162

Ensure you’re in the fast ring

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Resetting flight registry settings

1. Visit page in Internet Explorer, manually download the x86 or x64 version of KB30308930 Update (can’t do that? DOWNLOAD it from below link) depending on the OS version you’re using

2. After installing the update, verify you’re set to fast ring and ‘check for updates’

Download KB3038930 update

We’ve experienced this on 10130 build where Microsoft Catalog update prompts you to install an add-on when you visit the site in IE, but you’ll get an error ‘Add-on this site failed to run.

Don’t worry! We’re able to download the mandatory update — which assist with installing future builds –successfully from Windows catalog site in the 10158 build, for you guys we’ve uploaded to a file-sharing site to download.

Download KB3038930 for Windows 10 (x86)

Download KB3038930 for Windows 10 (x64)

Microsoft will release 10162 ISOs to slow ring next week, update: they’re now available to download from here.