Whenever you open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and initiate a scan by clicking on ‘Scan now’ button, the program tries to check for updates before scanning (does this always) and by showing ‘Unable to access update server’ message in the dashboard for database version, it throws this error: ‘SDKDatabaseLoadDefaults failed with code:20012‘, (the error code could be different to you).

SDKDatabaseLoadDefaults failed with code error

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Fix Malwarebytes SDKDatabaseLoadDefaults Failed with code Error

These SDK errors can occur when two database updates are running at the same time. Malwarebytes 2.1.6 has addressed these issues, if you still get the same error on version 2.1.6, you need to do the following.

1. Open Malwarebytes

2. Click Settings > Automated Scheduling, select a Scheduled scan (Threat scan) and double click on it or click ‘Edit button’, and uncheck ‘check for updates before scanning’

Malwarebytes Automated Scheduling

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3. Click ‘OK’, follow the above steps for other scheduled scans as well.

4. Restart your computer.

Edit schedule for threat scan

Note: Try to remove unnecessary scheduled updates to prevent this error from triggering again.

5. If that doesn’t help, try deleting all schedule tasks — threat scan and check for updates — in automated scheduling window and uncheck for’ Check for program updates when checking for database updates’, re-enable it once problem was solved.

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6. Restart Windows. If the issue persists, contact Malwarebytes support.