Firefox users can rejoice now, Mozilla has added Tab Audio Indicators and muting feature to Nightly, and the feature was targeted for Firefox 42, which set to release on November 3, 2015.

When you’ve many tabs open in the browser, finding that tab making noise is difficult, not anymore in Mozilla browser. Firefox now shows audio indicators to the tabs that are playing music and lets you mute them with a click. Muting and unmuting can be done quickly.

From the screenshot below, you can notice two tabs open in Firefox, while soundcloud tab is playing audio and the other YouTube tab has been muted.

Firefox tabs showing audio indicator, one playing music and one is muted

Audio Indicators work with HTML5 audio and video, and Web Audio, and also with the latest flash beta version

Chrome still doesn’t have tab muting feature

Google Chrome 32 has got that feature on January 14 last year.  Current Chrome 44 still doesn’t allow to mute a tab, but it is available behind a flag ‘Enable tab audio muting UI control’.

We don’t know when Google adds muting tab feature to their browser. Till then, you can mute audio playing tab by enabling that flag.

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Visit Mozilla’s Ehsan Akhgari blog post for more information.