Mozilla Plans to ship Tracking Protection in Private Browsing Mode for Firefox version 42. Tracking Protection has been there in the Firefox browser for months, but not enabled by default.

You need to visit about:config to turn on the feature. Same the case with Do Not Track also. While websites don’t need to honor DNT, but Tracking Protection feature not only protects your privacy by blocking tracking sites and domains but it also improves page loading times.

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Do you know there is no guarantee that you won’t be tracked in incognito mode? Mozilla has decided to turn on Tracking Protection by default for Private browsing mode starting from Firefox version 42.

Firefox tells you're browsing privately Now with tracking protection

How to enable tracking Protection in Private browsing mode for Firefox

Here is how you can do that in current nightly version

1. Visit about:config and change ‘privacy.trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled’ and ‘privacy.trackingprotection.ui.enabled’ preference values to ‘true’.

2. Open a new private window by selecting from the menu

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3.  You can see the above page (check the screenshot). Visit any page like, some content areas in the page could be missing because they collect information about you.

4. You can disable TP for the website you’re on by clicking ‘Disable protection for this session’ (for the second shield icon from the left). So you’re in full control of things.

disable tracking protection for current private browsing session

5. You can see a new preference ‘Stop sites from tracking you in Private Windows’ added to ‘Privacy’ category under ‘Tracking’ because of this.

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This could be an added advantage to the user not only for privacy, but Firefox also loads pages faster in PB mode.

You can check this TP Onboarding Final spec copy in Google doc.

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