Firefox 40 with Windows 10 support is available for testing on beta channel, scheduled to release on August 11th. Mozilla has polished Firefox’s Australis theme to match with Windows 10 theme. Firefox 40 tabstrip and toolbar now resembles native Windows 10 theme look.

“We’ve matched the tabstrip and toolbar to the native Windows 10 theme. This includes refinements to our standard icon set, as well as much improved HiDPI (>1dppx) support. All of our first-tier icons now have 2× variants that are shipped with the browser, and the remaining icons buried in the depths of the browser should be fixed soon as well.” Jared Wein, Mozilla’s Senior Software engineer said in a blog post.

Firefox 40 in Windows 10

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What’s new in for Firefox 40 on Windows 10

You can notice URL and search bar more taller. To be more clear, font size of text in URL and Search bar have been increased. This change doesn’t apply to other versions of Windows at the moment.

“My favorite feature of Firefox on Windows 10 is the increased URL and search bar height (pictured above). This is actually something that we’ve wanted to do for a couple years. Firefox has continually had a pretty small font-size for the URL bar, one which makes it hard for users with poor vision to read. The text in our URL and search bars is now on-par with competing browsers. ”

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On the other hand, Mozilla is hard at work to keep its users in Windows 10, since Microsoft Edge is the default browser is the new Windows Operating system, Mozilla feels Microsoft made the default browser situation pretty bad.

The company has worked on this and removed the annoying dialog that appears when the user tries to set as default browser, Firefox now takes you directly to default apps view in Settings.

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Firefox offers Search engine choice for Windows 10 Search

If you don’t know, Web Searches initiated from Windows 10 taskbar will open in default browser with Bing Search engine. Mozilla now gives a choice to Firefox users to choose a search engine to open those, yes! default search engine does that.

If you’ve set Firefox as default browser and use Google as the default search engine, then Web Searches will open with Google instead of Bing in Firefox, nice!

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You can notice Search category in Preferences has a new option ‘Use this search engine for Searches from Windows’ turned on by default, you won’t see this preference as well as the theme changes for Firefox 40 in Windows 8, Windows 7 or earlier versions.

Download Firefox 40 or check the release notes.