Don’t worry! The Dropbox desktop client doesn’t install Dropbox for Gmail Chrome extension automatically on Windows, instead a notification will appear (once) in the Dropbox right click menu to enable the Gmail integration feature.

We’ve told you Dropbox test build installs ‘Dropbox for Gmail’ extension automatically for Mac users, now they’ve made Gmail integration optional on Windows as well as Mac.

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How to enable Gmail integration from Dropbox Windows client

When you install 3.7 series experimental build on Windows, Dropbox menu shows a notification to enable Gmail integration, you can turn it on, or click ‘Not now’ button(check the below screenshot).

Dropbox menu Windows showing a notification about  Gmail integraion

When you click enable button, Dropbox Gmail integration page opens, you need to click the enable button again and then click ‘Add’ button to install Dropbox for Gmail in Chrome browser.

page prompts to click Add button

Note: These are experimental builds, Dropbox may /may not release the features tested in them to stable builds.

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To disable Gmail integration, visit Chrome://extensions page and remove the ‘Dropbox for Gmail’ extension.