3.8 Series Dropbox stable build 3.8.4 has been released and available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Apart from small tweaks to the selective Sync UI, this version offers both Windows and Mac users an option to enable Dropbox Gmail integration in Google Chrome browser. For this, you need to be have Chrome installed and Gmail address with Dropbox account.

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When you install this build on Windows or Mac, the desktop client menu shows a notification to Enable Gmail integration (check the screenshot below), which, when you click, Dropbox website in Google Chrome browser prompts you to install its extension for Gmail. If you’ve no intention to install the extension, you can install it anytime by visiting the Web Store.

Dropbox client showing notification in the  menu to enable Gmail integration

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What’s new in Dropbox 3.8.4

  • Windows & OS X: Optional Gmail integration
  • Windows & Linux: Upgrade to Qt 5.4
  • Upgraded compilers Small tweaks to the selective sync UI
  • Show the Dropbox badge on Preview for Mac
  • Initial Windows 10 support

Download Dropbox 3.8.4