Vivaldi Technologies has released Technical Preview 4 for the Vivaldi browser and is available to download with more customizable options, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet, Experimental Chrome Extension support and is ready for Windows 10. Vivaldi confirms this as the last Tech Preview before beta.

Don’t get confused with experimental Chrome Extension support, you can still install and use Chrome extensions from the Web Store like you did before in the Vivaldi TP4 also. But Vivaldi’s work on extensions hasn’t been completed yet.

Vivaldi Technical Preview 4

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What’s new in Vivaldi browser Technical Preview 4

Start Page customization options:

You can change start page background color, background image (you can even include a custom image from your computer) and interface color between Light and dark or set  Vivaldi to inherit from Window appearance.

You can change Vivaldi appearance from light theme to the dark, with or without tab colors.

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You can zoom UI elements aka user interface scaling to your liking.

You can adjust the position of tabs as well as the bookmark bar by visiting the Settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet shows all shortcuts in one place, you can find the option for it in the Help sub-menu of V menu or use Ctrl+F1 to appear.

Official changelog

  • Startup options
  • Improvements to spatial navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts (incl. cheat sheet)
  • Gestures (incl. tab switching & keyboard activation)
  • Improved installer (it’s now possible to install Vivaldi without admin privileges)
  • Reworked settings
  • Support for some additional extension APIs
  • Ready for Windows 10
  • Customizable UI
  • Performance improvements
  • Autoupdate for Mac and Win x64
  • Better HiDPI support
  • Better bookmark management
  • Linux forward and back mouse button support
  • …hundreds of bug fixes

Download Vivaldi Tech Preview 4