Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, when you try to set any other browser as default this is what happens: A dialog appears on the screen which prompts ‘To change your default apps, go to Settings > Default Apps.’ Windows Insiders are familiar with this.

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This instruction appears for every application in Windows. Not the case in Windows 8 where an API allowed app makers to set themselves as default application. In Windows 10, references to the API generates the above dialog (check the screenshot below), which is not at all user friendly.

go to settings default apps prompt dialog

Microsoft has said this in a blog post while announcing Windows 10 build 10122 “Over time, as apps are updated to align with the new Windows 10 model for defaults, you shouldn’t see this dialog any more.”

Mozilla and Google have worked out to get rid of the intrusive dialog, now both Chrome and Firefox browsers open the Settings App to the default Apps view. While the other non-Microsoft browsers like Opera still show that prompt, Chrome and Firefox are not.

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Mozilla’s Jared Wein says “The default browser situation on Windows 10 is pretty bad. There is more work that we can and should do in the Windows 10 upgrade experience to retain users (the default upgrade changes the default browser to Edge).”