Avira browser (beta) is available for testing. German security company Avira has made a browser ‘Avira browser’ (beta) based on Chromium and is available for testing. Avira browser is a combination of extensions, Avira technology and Chromium.

“Now we are about to stretch even further and integrate a browser into our eco system. And in case you are wondering: There are very good reasons for that.” Avira’s research specialist Thorsten Sick said in a blog post.

Avira Secure browser?

“The Avira Browser integrates a collection of the most powerful protection technologies in a browser. A mixture of Open Source extensions, a browser maintained by Avira and Avira-internal technology covers the different threats a user is facing when using the internet. Compatible to the Chrome browser “.

Avira Browser UI

Avira wants their browser to be more secure, how they do that?

Avira to integrate

  • HTTPS Everywhere extension into the browser to protect users from connecting to insecure Wi-Fi’s.
  • To block trackers and protect against malicious and phishing websites, they’ll install Avira browser safety extension

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Note: From the above screenshot of Avira browser 1.0 beta UI, you can notice browser’s new tab page Search powered by Avira SafeSearch (available as a separate extension in the Chrome Web Store), and icons of HTTPS Everywhere and Avira browser safety on the toolbar.

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Avira to contribute to Chromium. ” The whole project is based on extensions and chromium. Both are Open Source. We will pay for our ride: We contribute to them to guarantee a perfect browsing experience. Of course we will also integrate our Avira technology.”

You can apply for beta testing the product at the Avira beta center.