If you’ve installed Ublock Origin or Ublock extension in the Chrome browser, a new version is now available, to install it Chrome disables the extension and alerts the user about the new permissions it requires: (Its quite normal, Chromium does this for every extension): here are they: ‘Change your privacy-related settings’, and ‘read your browsing history’.

Note: Don’t fall for what chrome showed in the below screenshot: ‘Read and change all your data on the websites you visit’ is there since the first version, and isn’t a new permission you’re giving to the extension.

ublock requires new permissions dialog

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Why Ublock requires new permission to change Privacy-related Settings 

If you’re concerned about new permissions, developer of extension gorhill has given some explanation, visit this page to read it.

For Ublock to block network connections, it needs permission to access to your privacy related settings to disable prefetching. After re-enabling or installing this new version, you can notice ‘prefetch resources to load pages more quickly’ is being controlled by extension (check the screenshot below).

Ublock controls prefetching privacy setting in Chrome

Note: Clicking on ‘disable’ button showed above will re-enable prerendering, but it  also disables the extension.

“uBlock now requires a new permission, “Change your privacy-related settings”: for uBlock to be able to disable the setting “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly”.
This will ensure no connection is opened at all for blocked requests: It’s for your own protection privacy-wise.” developer says.

FYI, Privacy Badger also requires exactly the same permissions. Ublock Origin Developer believes disabling the prefetching setting in Chrome won’t hinder the browser performance or the way it loads the pages. 

Gorhill promises to offer a setting in the next release to re-enable prefetching in Chrome browser.

We’re assuming ‘Read your browsing history’ could be to do with the new permission system launched Chrome 44 (currently in beta) which adds that permission to any extension that requests tab permission.

I hope this clear your doubts.

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