Chat with Microsoft Support in Windows 10 through contact app. Recently Gabue Aul, Windows Insider Program head emailed to Insiders, in that email, in Tips & Tricks he revealed, they’ve included a ‘Contact Support’ App in Windows 10 recent builds to chat with Microsoft Support. You can find this app in 10122 and later builds.

From this app, you can connect with the community, chat online with an Answer Tech, get a call back so you don’t have to wait on hold, or schedule a call at a convenient time. We think it’s a better way to connect with customer support in those rare cases where you really need help.

Using Contact Support Modern App in Windows 10

To open the Contact app, ensure Cortana is enabled and click on Search icon or in the Search box, type ‘Contact Support’ and click the top result (check the screenshot below).

In recent builds, we’ve added a new app which gives you an easy way to contact Support when needed. Just type “Contact Support” into the search box. A few quick clicks in the Contact Support app and you’ll be connected by chat or phone to Microsoft Answer Desk – a one-on-one connection with a Windows 10 expert.

opening contact support modern app Windows 10


Update: When you’re logged into Windows 10 with local account, you’re prompted to switch to Microsoft account.

Once Contact Support screen opens, to help you it lets you select from Microsoft Account & billing and ‘Microsoft Service & Apps’.  Later one offers support options for Windows, OneDrive, and  Office 365 etc.

contact options

Once connection is established, char with Microsoft support or schedule a call for them to call you and clear your boudts.

chat online with Microsoft answer tech

What’s your take on this addition? Have you found it useful?

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