TechSmith has released a minor update –Snagit 12.4 for Windows and Snagit 3.3.4 for Mac — to Snagit. Apart from bug fixes and improvements, this release includes major enhancements to scrolling capture. TechSmith says they’ve rewritten the Scrolling Capture feature to run on low RAM.

“Today, we’re excited to announce some major enhancements to scrolling capture; the starting leap toward additional, forthcoming improvements. Having been rewritten to operate on less RAM, scrolling capture is – across the board – more reliable than ever.”

How to capture a scrolling area with Snagit?

If you’re not using the Snagit capture window, press Print Screen button

Move your cursor over the window, when orange crosshairs arrow appears at the bottom, click on it to capture vertical scrolling area.

Snagit capturing scrolling area

“With the adjustments, we’ve altered the way Snagit sees the world, which makes it easier to capture some increasingly common web design elements. You’ll find the changes most noticeable on infinitely scrolling pages (think: Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, etc) and websites with stationary headers.”

What’s new in Snagit 12.4

  • Fix for Global Capture Hotkey not being remembered unless Snagit is closed first
  • Fix for hangs during product install or uninstall
  • Fix for Memory error from Snagit Editor when trying to restart or shutdown computer
  • Improvements to scrolling window capture
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Download Snagit | 74.9 MB