After Opera 30 final and Opera 31 beta releases, Opera 32 is now available on developer stream for Windows, Mac and Linux. This release adds support for password synchronization, animated themes and some UI changes.

What’s new in Opera 32 developer

Password Sync

If you already use sync service, Opera 32 version also lets you synchronize passwords across your devices. When you click on the account icon on the extreme right of the browser, you’ll see a new message in the sync dialog informing about the same (check the screenshot below).

sync dialog

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You can click on ‘Choose what to synchronize’ and select ‘passwords’, Opera encrypts the synced data and gives two options to secure them: one is your opera credentials, and other is Passphrase (master password).

Note: If you forgot passphrase, you need to reset Synchronization. FYI:Opera uses nigori protocol for password sync.

Animated themes

Animated background themes are here, install this (created by Opera Software) and check your start page. Browser vendor has not optimized CPU usage for this release with this feature.

Opera start page with installed anitmated background theme

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Opera desktop team is tweaking UI, you can see result of their work in the upcoming versions of Opera browser. For example, this version features a more user friendly new dialog prompt to set it as default browser.

Mac version of the browser looks more native to Yosemite style of your native apps. Turbo v2 is now available for testing, select ‘Opera turbo’ from menu to enable it.

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Download Opera 32.0.1899.0 

Changelog link

Your take on this version? Which browser do you like ATM, Opera or Vivaldi? And tell us why?