Opera doesn’t spin your hard-disk drive much now. Opera desktop team has promoted Opera 31 to beta channel. During the developer coverage, we’ve told you about the new look for settings page and Discover and activated Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). EME has been disabled but new discover and settings pages have made their way into the beta channel.

If you use Opera browser on a slower computer with regular hard-disk drive installed, good news for you! With this version, Opera performs less read and writes to the drive than before.

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Opera 31 beta, what’s new

“We have also made some improvements to speed up the browser, especially for devices using traditional hard drives. We eliminated multiple reads and writes of the same data during the start, so we use access to the drive more efficiently.” Zhenis, Opera software Product manager said in a blog post.

Opera 31 with redesigned discover page-min

DLL preloading technique introduced with this version reduces the time to access hard disk drives. “There is also another very important change on Windows. Most of the code from the executable file been moved to the dynamic library. Instead of relying on the system algorithm of loading smaller chunks of the EXE file,  we have written code to load bigger parts of the DLL. This technique of DLL preloading reduces time to access to the hard-disk drive. “ he added

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Download Opera 31 beta  | changelog.