Opera 30 stable (based on Chromium 43) for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android has been released and available to download. This version has added support for sidebar extensions, improves tab views and lets you restore removed bookmarks.

What’s new in Opera 30?

This version features a tab cycler, which lets you preview all open tabs in chronological order from the tab menu.

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Sidebar extensions

FYI: Opera is the first browser to include sidebar extensions. Installing this type of extension adds a new button to the sidebar, when the user clicks on that button it opens a panel.

Opera 30 with extensions installed in the sidebar

After installing a few extensions from the Opera add-ons repository, you can do these things: ‘Write notes, tweet on the go, or get a dedicated media player’ while working on other open tabs.

After installing an extension on the sidebar, you can click on ‘+’ sign to install more (check the above screenshot).

You can try these:

  • Tweetdeck sidebar
  • Google Keep sidebar
  • Site Settings Sidebar
  • V7 Bookmarks and Notes
  • Browse++ Sidebar

Accidentally deleted a bookmark? You can restore it by going to trash folder and clicking ‘undo delete’.

Supports Media Source Extensions with H.264 which enables you to watch 60FPS videos in YouTube’s HTML5 player.

Check this blog post for more details.

Download Opera 30

Which feature you like the most in this version?