New Vivaldi snapshot based on Chromium 44 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. This snapshot has improved default gray theme UI enabled in the last snapshot, offers dark theme as an option (check Appearance in Settings to switch to). More handy ‘Keyboard cheat sheet’ is now available with a shortcut. This release introduces mouse scroll wheel tab switching.

TIP: How to find Vivaldi browser’s installed location or path on your computer

What’s new in Vivaldi 1.0.1029.3 snapshot

More options for themes

You can now use either light or dark theme for the Vivaldi browser with or without enabling page theme color option, visit ‘V-menu > Settings > Appearance > interface Color’.

Cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts

No more digging through settings or remembering keyboard shortcuts is needed! Just press ‘Ctrl+F1’ and voila! Keyboard ‘Cheat sheet’ opens in a pop window.

Vivaldi keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

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Scroll wheel Tab switching

“Currently it works as follows: using the scroll wheel in the tab bar or holding right click mouse button in the main window both follow the “tab cycling order” setting. In the future we intend to always use tab position when hovering the tab bar. In addition a visual cycler when holding right-click is planned.”

Linux users can use mouse forward and backward keys to ‘navigate through history of currently displayed website’.

Settings (Alt+P) window has been reorganized.

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