Another week, another snapshot of Vivaldi browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. New Vivaldi Snapshot brings customization options for Start page/Speed Dial, enables auto-update on Mac and offers user interface resize setting.

Vivaldi Start page customization

New appearance settings (check the screenshot below) lets you change the start page background image or  the color. You can also choose or set between light or dark theme for the speed Dial.

Vivaldi Appearance Settings for start page

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Vivaldi offers four background colors — ‘Default’, ‘Blue’, ‘Pro’ and ‘Custom’– including the custom one. You can switch from Default background image to ‘Jellyfish’ or ‘Desert’ or ‘Custom’ image by selecting a picture from your computer.

This snapshot lets you scale the UI to the desired percentage. Drag the slider under user interface scale to left or right in Appearance Settings. 

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Tab options in Tabs now offer the option to hide the tab thumbnails. Mac users can notice a new ‘check for updates’ entry in the Vivaldi menu.

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