Recently Dropbox 3.6 series stable build has been released, now 3.7 series experimental build is available for testing on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Dropbox has decided to bundle their (Dropbox) Gmail extension for Chrome with this build for Mac users. “On OS X, if you have Chrome installed we’ll automatically install the Dropbox Gmail extension if you use a Gmail email address with Dropbox. The installation will take effect the next time you launch Chrome.”

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What’s new in Dropbox 3.7 series

  • OS X: Bundles the Dropbox Gmail extension for Chrome
  • Windows & Linux: Upgrade to Qt 5.4
  • Upgraded compilers
  • Small tweaks to the selective sync UI

Download Dropbox Experimental build 3.7.31

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Any Dropbox user using Chrome can install Dropbox’s Gmail extension from the Web Store by visiting this link. So what’s the point of forcing the extension on Mac users?