After getting a lot of criticism on new bookmark manager they’ve implemented in Chrome 42, Google has reverted Chrome 43 stable to old bookmark manager, Yep! Now you can’t see new bookmarking UI. If you want it back, you need to install Bookmarks manager extension again.

This flag chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment is now redundant, could well be useful for a short period of time if they change their mind in the future. You should set it to default or leave it if you see previous version of the bookmark manager.

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Chrome 43: Old bookmark manager re-enabled

This is what Google employee Sarah said in a Chrome help forum thread

an update about the new bookmarks manager 
by Sarah Dee  Jun 10
Hi Everyone,

Our team is committed to improving Chrome’s bookmarks experience, but for the time being, we’ve decided to bring back the previous version. Our team will continue to explore other ways to improve the bookmarks experience. You’ll see the previous version of the bookmarks manager return to your Chrome browser shortly.

For those of you who enjoyed using the new bookmarks manager, you can still keep the new experience by downloading the Bookmarks Manager extension from the Chrome Web Store.

We appreciate hearing all of your thoughtful feedback. Feel free to leave us with any additional comments here in this thread.

The Chrome team

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