Opera software is trying to fix Opera 30’s YouTube issue on Windows 7 with a new browser.js version. 32-bit Windows 7 users have problems in playing videos on YouTube site in Opera 30, Opera software has acknowledged that and says “this is connected with HTML5 support, requiring MSE and H.264”. They’ve released a new browser.js for the beta stream first, asks users to test the solution.

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What is browser JavaScript and how Opera uses it?

“Browser JavaScript is a feature that allows Opera to automatically fix incompatible Web pages, out of date scripts, and pages that inadvertently block Opera. The script file is automatically distributed by Opera Software ASA, and can be used to apply fixes to specific Web sites, and specific scripts.”.

Opera current browser.js version

All you’ve to do is visit this page http://www.opera.com/docs/browserjs/ in Opera browser (Beta) and check Browser.js version if previous version was shown, restart your browser and check the link again, new (current) version will be automatically downloaded and shown in the same page.

They’ve done this in past too, READ: Opera releases browser.js patch for YouTube Issue

Previous version is:

“OPRDesktop 28.0 core 1750.0, June 4, 2015. Active patches: 19 .”

Current version should be:

OPRDesktop 28.0 core 1750.0, June 9, 2015. Active patches: 20 .”

After that on Windows 7 32-bit, try to play any YouTube video, it will be played with Flash Player instead of HTML5.

UPDATE: Opera has released a minor version 30.0.1835.59 to fix this. Check for updates and install it.

Has that worked for you?