Firefox no longer displays extension or plugin version information in the Add-ons manager’s main UI. Mozilla has decided displaying version information of add-ons and plugins in Add-ons manager has no use to the average user and has removed that in list view and no longer appears from Firefox 41 onwards.

UPATEMake Firefox Add-ons Page to display Extension or Plugin Version

Add-ons version information removed

However, whenever you hover an extension or plugin, its version number will be shown in a tooltip, other places that provide this information are details view and about:support pages.

Firefox 41 add-ons manager

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“This was of course intentional. The average user doesn’t need the version numbers to manage their add-ons and Firefox takes care of updating for them. The version numbers are still in the tooltips, detail view and about:support” Dave Townsend, Engineering lead at Mozilla said in a bug– Version # is not shown in Add-on Manager.

Check this Bug 1161183 – Extension/plugin name is truncated in new add-ons manager theme for more information.

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