After sending a message in Gmail, you can now cancel it within 30 seconds. It took 6 years for Google to graduate a popular Gmail labs feature ‘Undo Send’, it’s now officially part of Google email on the web. If you regret or change your mind after sending a wrong message to your friend, undo button lets you cancel the sending of message. The feature not enabled by default yet for Gmail users in Settings, you need to turn it on, here is how.

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Enabling ‘Undo Send’ Setting in Gmail

1. Click on Gear icon, select Settings > General

2. Scroll  down a bit, check or tick mark for ‘Enable Undo Send’ and set the ‘Send cancellation period in seconds’, you can choose from a minimum of ‘5’ to a maximum of ’30’ seconds. Choosing delay period depends on how often you get into those situations.

undo send option in Gmail Settings

3. Click on ‘Save Changes’.

Now after sending every message, undo button appears along with ‘view message’ button, annoyed? Or if you don’t want it, turn it off.

Gmail confirms message sent offers undo button

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What happens in the background?

For instance, if you’ve set the delay time to 10 seconds, Gmail holds your message for that time (after that, the undo button disappears), if you click on it, the message won’t be sent. Don’t misunderstand, this feature wasn’t getting back the already sent email.

Have you turned on this feature?