Avast 2015 R2 version is the current stable version which is compatible with Windows 10, yesterday, Avast software has officially released beta version of Avast 2015 R3. Avast has incorporated Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS for short) into this beta, they’ve renovated and improved Grimefighter to create Cleanup tool aka Avast Cleanup.

What’s new in Avast 2015 R3 beta 1

You can find HIPS component under ‘Sensitivity’ in Avast File Shield Settings, which can be reached via UI > Settings > Active Protection > File System Shield (Customize).

HIPS component in Avast file shield

HIPS monitor your system for malware-like behavior and unauthorized modifications.

Below are the changes and new features in this version according to avast

  • Grimefighter is now redone and called Cleanup.
            – runs without need of reboot
            – much faster
            – free for beta testers
            – runs on more devices (better compatibility)
  • Improved Windows 10 compatibility
  • Ability to check compatibility issues with other antivirus software
  • Host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS): an installed software package which monitors a single host for suspicious activity by analyzing events occurring within that host
  • StreamFilter with HTTPS scanning  is now available also for Windows XP/Vista
  • NG is not using Volume Shadow Copy Service anymore
  • Beta version will now be updated automatically once new beta version released

There are some known issues

  • SafeZone not working
  • Scheduler for Cleanup doesn’t work
  • Sandbox doesn’t work on Windows 10

Avast Cleanup for Windows (Grimefighter)

  • A brand new engine for an optimized, clutter-free PC
  • Lightning-fast scan and clean time
  • Listed Issues of Issues found so you can choose what to clean
  • New features: Registry Optimizer, System Analyzer , and Real-time Monitor.
  • Works for all licensed Grimefighter users.

Download Avast 2015 R3 beta 1

Caution: Always create a restore point before trying this beta software, pay attention while installing as it installs Skype and use the Avast Cleanup (formerly known as Grimefighter) — (because it has been offered for free for beta testers — with caution.