Firefox 40 Nightly gets Save to Pocket button. We’ve covered Firefox 38.0.5 going to release with integration of Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later), Mozilla has done that on Nightly channel, they’ve added ‘Save to Pocket’ button — appears by default between the Bookmarks menu button and the downloads button (check the screenshot below) — to the navigational bar.

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Mozilla adds Pocket feature to Firefox

If you’ve an account on Pocket –which you can create for free — or sign in with Firefox account, you can save the articles and videos and access them later by visiting

Pocket Toolbar button in  Firefox

If you save anything to Pocket, a confirmation panel appears. Pocket displays the optimized view for the articles, To see the original, click on ‘View Original’ button. So Pocket Firefox extension could be redundant in the future.

Pocket Confirmation panel

Pocket button also appears in

  • Bookmarks menu as ‘View Pocket list’ .
  • Page context Menu with option’ Save Page to Pocket’

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Enabling or disabling Pocket in Firefox

If you’re using Nightly version and Pocket is not enabled for you, visit about:config and change ‘browser.pocket.enabled’ preference value to ‘true’.

If you don’t want it, you can hide Pocket icon by dragging it into the Menu or ‘Additional Tools and Features’ area. To remove it permanently, flip the above said preference value in about:config to ‘false’.

UPDATE: The best way to get rid of Pocket is: Firefox menu > customise >  right click on its icon and select remove from toolbar.

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Are you happy with the addition of Pocket to Firefox? Are you worried Firefox browser is getting too bloated with these features?