YouTube’s black screen issue fixed. Yesterday, most Chrome users encountered black screen during the playback of videos on YouTube, while audio still plays, user can able to fix it in that situation by clicking on the pause and play. Google employee ytcrschmidt stated in a YouTube help forum thread that the issue has been fixed.

“YouTube developers have identified the root cause of the most recent cause of black screen reports in Chrome. If you are still having problems, please:

– Clear your browse cache
– Reload the page”

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Here is the excerpt:


YouTube developers made a change to fix the problem immediately before my previous comment. Specifically, this problem was fixed at 4:35PM Pacific Time, which is why I asked users to clear their cache again, which should help remove any lingering effects.

If you’re still experiencing he same, try clearing the browser cache and reload the page to see if the problem persists.

Fix YouTube’s ‘An error occurred, please try again later’

Are you affected? If so, which browser you’ve used then? IE or Firefox or other?