When you visit Internet Explorer Gallery site in IE11 on Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 and click ‘Add to Internet Explorer’ for Google Search to set is as default search engine, nothing happens, recently released KB3038314 update is preventing this, here is the fix for you.

Adding Google Search Engine to Internet Explorer 11

Fixing can’t add Google as Search Provider in IE11

1. Visit Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Installed Updates

2. Find KB3038314 update and uninstall it

uninstall KB3038314

3. Restart your computer when Windows prompts

4.  Now try to Add Google Search to IE by visiting this link:http://www.iegallery.com/en-us/Addons/Details/813, it will be added without any issues.

This is working in Windows 10 also.

Follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

Make Google As Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer 11

5. Now visit Windows Update and reinstall the update, you can also install this update manually from here (check method 2: Microsoft Download Center) .

Note: Microsoft may address the issue by pushing other updates, for which, you can wait also.

UPDATE: Forgot to add this information: unfortunately uninstalling the update in Windows 10 preview build doesn’t allows to Add Google as search provider to Internet Explorer 11.

UPDATE June 30, 2016: Windows 10 build 10158 now let you add and set Google as default Search engine, so update is not culprit here.