Mozilla has shipped Firefox 38 and made available Firefox 38.0.5 beta for testing. The company has integrated Adobe Content Decryption Module to play Digital Rights Management (DRM) content or to watch protected web videos (supported in Windows Vista or later Windows versions) in Firefox 38.

After installing this version, when you visit the ‘Plugins’ page in add-ons manager, you’ll see a message that ‘Primetime content Decryption Module provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated will be shortly and indeed it will be installed without any issues.

Firefox 38.0 EME Free

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This version of Firefox supports Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) API which downloads CDM automatically. “The CDM will be downloaded from Adobe shortly after you upgrade or install Firefox and will be activated when you first interact with a site that uses Adobe CDM. Premium video services, including Netflix, have started testing this solution in Firefox.” Mozilla says in its blog.

Adobe Primetime CDM plugin installeld Firefox 38

Disable DRM or remove CDM

If you don’t want to watch DRM content in the Mozilla browser, you can disable or remove it by unchecking ‘Play DRM Content’ in the ‘Content’ Section of Preferences.

disable DRM content playback

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If you don’t want to install it in the first place, you can download Firefox without DRM support.

Download Firefox 38 without DRM support | 38 MB