Have you noticed that? Windows 10 build 10049 installation took a longer time than the previous builds, something not right with this build, it has also created ‘Korea Media Center’ and ‘Korea Messenger Center’ folders on the desktop.

Some Windows Insiders couldn’t install this build because of insufficient disk space, the reason for a long time and install of these folders is a bug, which caused  “the setup to download all the language packs during the installation of builds 10041 and 10049”.

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If you’re not able to install 10041 or 10049 build due to insufficient disk space, you may have to uninstall language packs to gain 2.5 GB disk space.

Uninstalling or removing Language Packs in Windows 10

To do this

1. Open command prompt as administrator

2. Type Lpksetup /u and press enter, from the opened ‘install or uninstall display languages’ dialog, select the language packs you want to uninstall.

uninstall or remove language packs in Windows 10 build 10049

Note: Uninstalling display languages may take a long time on some computers. You shouldn’t be uninstalling English, it’s the main system language.

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