Technical Preview 3 for Vivaldi browser has been released and available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Vivaldi team says third Preview is a significant improvement from second preview and next major milestone for the browser will be a beta.

Vivaldi technical preview 3 Windows version

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What’s new in Vivaldi Technical Preview 3

        unread tab indicator

  • Increased the number of supported languages to 40
  • Added data import from all major browsers.
  • Added on demand image and plugin controls so that you can load only what you need
  • Added Background tab progress indicator
  • Improved both Fast Forward and Rewind functionality.
  • Added more options to the download dialog. It now has both “Save” and “Save as” in addition to “Open”
  • Added a new option to the bookmarks bar, so that you can have a very compact bookmarks bar with icons only. To enable this, visit Vivaldi Settings, under ‘Bookmark Bar’, for ‘Bookmark bar and Display’, select ‘Icon Only’.

     Vivaldi bookmark bar showing only icons of bookmarks

This is partial changelog, for the full one, check this blog post.

Download Vivaldi Technical Preview 3

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