A week back, Opera 30 has entered the developer stream, today another build for it has been released. With this update, for new users to understand what tabs are being cycled, Opera desktop team has introduced Tab Cycler by combining Tab Previews and Tab Menu. The improved Tab Menu now shows open tabs list in drop down in recently used order and each item in it on hover over shows the preview (check the screenshot below).

Opera 30 tab cycler in the tab menu

Cycle through all Opened Tabs in Chrome Continuously with Tab Slideshow Chrome extension

Opera 30: Keyboard shortcuts and setting for tab cycling

Still, you can able to cycle tabs visually from left to right on Windows and Linux by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1/2 on Windows, and on Mac, you need to use  ⌘ + ⇧Shift + ←/→.

Or you can change the tab cycling order by visiting Settings and by selecting ‘Cycle tabs in most recently used order’ in the ‘User Interface’.

Tab Menu

Tab Menu now has two sections: one is ‘Recently Closed’ and the other is ‘other devices’.

Tab Stack for Chrome moves tabs from left to right in Most Recently Used Order

Keyboard Shortcuts to Switch between Tabs in Chrome

For more information and changelog, Opera desktop team’s blog post.